Polar tights and stockings are the result of a clever combination of avant-garde and tradition which has made it possible, over the years, to optimise a product with the highest quality standards. 
Indeed, constant research into materials, constant technological development and meticulous attention to finishes have contributed to elevating POLAR hosiery to a high and verifiable level.
Our flexibility in terms of manufacturing and complying with customer requirements enables us to be excellent business partners for those who wish to create their own private label.
Our range includes classic articles made of stretch nylon, Lycra, multifibre and microfibre: all in a variety of finishes and deniers.  
We are also specialised in the production of tights and stockings with a genuine reduced heel.
We are willing to study and create particular models to suit customer requirements.
For further information, please fill out the form available on our website or contact us by phone. 

Private Label